the guidelines of healthy spine for beauty style

Want to maintain your spine? -Ceragem Master V3 (Automatic Body Modification Machine Master V3)

the centre support of human

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e spine, alternately known as the vertebral column or backbone, is the structure that encloses and protects the spinal cord, which is the bundle of nerves that transmits signals from the brain to the rest of the body. It consists of a stack of bones,the sacrum, and the coccyx-and the intervertebral discs separating the bones.the main function of spine

  1. Protect the spinal cord, nerve roots
  2. Provide structural support and balance upper body
  3. Enable flexible motion
  4. combine with rib to protect internal organs

A degeneration,deformation,fracture,tumor of spine can cause a slipped disk pain and feelings of spreading numbness,the damage of spine cord or pressure in the spine cord or pressure of nerves results in a loss of function, such as mobility or feeling. some people who have acute, excretory disorder.

the distortion in the spine brings bad effects for human health

oftenly, we read from internet or TV about "my body condition always not good","i suffer from back pain and stiff shoulder "Back pain is often caused by poor posture. Hunching forward to perform everyday tasks usually forces the spine into an abnormal position.a little distortion can influence another body parts also.

The spine is our body’s central support structure,it crush slowly by carrying heavy stuff and a bad posture

Spinal cord, major nerve tract of vertebrates, extending from the base of the brain through the canal of the spinal column. It is composed of nerve fibres that mediate reflex actions and that transmit impulses to and from the brain.unusual movement of spine can press nerve and blood circulation problems that may accrue several disease.

Ceragem Master V3

As different heights,The length of the spine varies with all people. The CERAGEM Master V3 measures the length of the user’s spine and uses that information to offer a fully customized and tailored massage experience..

Ceragem Master V3
Ceragem Master V3

the concept of our salon

"Anti-aging of beauty and health"
  1. "The thermal therapy device"

    the world's first therapeutic device allowing to obtain an optimum massage

  2. "improvement of headache stiff shoulders, insomnia, chronic constipation"

  3. “To build up a healthy body without drug treatment ”

  4. heat enhances the overall therapeutic effect and provides the user with additional comfort♪

Price list

Ceragem Master V3 once (30 minutes) 1,500yen
Ceragem Master V3 5 times ticket (normally ¥ 7,500) 6,000yen

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Why don't you experience Ceragem Master V3 at home?

Acacia Co., Ltd. sells “Ceragem Master V3”. Once you experience the “Ceragem Master V3”, there are many customers who want to perform treatment at any time while at home. In the past, they have been delivered to customers' homes and have been very well received, such as “It was good to buy!” And “Life is enriched with a refreshing feeling every day”. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase "Ceragem Master V3".

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