Origin of company name

The city of Dalian, where I was born, was very cold in the winter, and around June I waited for a little scented acacia flowers that were romantic and gave me energy and courage.
When I was an elementary school student, I had no money to buy a snack and climbed an acacia tree that was in front of my house after school.
The acacia flowers for me are special, and I always gave them the company name with the feeling that they never forget their origin.

flower of acacia



When I was 34 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer (ovarian fibrosarcoma) and was sentenced to life expectancy of half a year.

Within one month, the ovaries, uterus, and lymph of one leg were removed by two general anesthesia operations.

After the operation, the doctor asked me what to do with anticancer drug treatment, but there was no precedent in the university medical hospital where I was hospitalized, I need to take chemotherapy treatment for 24 hours five days.

If the cancer treatment does not fit you, you have to cure yourself!

I decided to leave the hospital and find my own way to cure the cancer.after discharging i did all the research about cancer treatment and also tried some folk prescription such like carrot potato juice

I try to eat health and keep observing my body condition,unconsciously,16 years past i still alive and the cancer never come back again.

I think leaving hospital and stop chemotherapy treatment extend my life,because chemotherapy treatment not only killed cancer cell but also killed the health cell,it will lower your immune system

Now that i have overcome cancer, what i can say is not to leave your body to others, but to face yourself and answer at your own risk.

It's slow after getting sick. A lot of medical expenses, mental and physical pain! Increase your immunity Prevention is the most important thing.

I would be happy to help you as much as possible through my experience.

Acacia Inc.
Representative Director Minami Takekawa

Company information

Adress 78-2 Sakuragaoka, Fukaya-shi, Saitama
Representative's name Minami Takekawa
Business hours 9:30~18:00

Management Philosophy

Pursue the health of people's hearts and bodies and contribute to the international community.

Company motto

  1. Cleaning management

    The spirit of human life training
  2. Thankful management (deep spirit for people and things)

    Always be humble and run a company with the utmost in mind that you are alive.



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