Manuka honey is said to be effective for clearing infections and helping with SIBO.

12,800 yen(tax included)

Manuka honey is a honey collected from Manuka tree (Manori: scientific name: Leptospermum scoparium), an evergreen low tree belonging to the Myrtaceae family that grows only in New Zealand.
The wild species of Manuka trees have long healed people as medicinal herbs. In the southern hemisphere, around December, white flowers of about 8-12mm will bloom. When it comes to horticultural species, beautiful flowers such as white, pink and red will bloom. The flowering period is about 4 weeks, and manuka honey can be collected for only 4 weeks per year. Manuka can be collected only in New Zealand, and since it can be collected for only a short period, it is a very precious honey and an expensive honey.
As a special honey that is unparalleled in the world, it has been loved not only by New Zealand but also by the “miracle honey” and other countries around the world, including the UK.

It has a smooth taste and is very delicious.
However, please note that Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands will require additional charges.
* Do not give to children under 1 year old.


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The Honey Store

The Honey StoreThe Honey StoreThe Honey StoreThe Honey Store

A rare honey harvested from Manuka flowers that grow only in New Zealand.
Careful handling without heating minimizes the loss of nutrients and enzymes due to heat.

Manuka honey is honey collected by beekeepers from naturally grown Manuka flowers without using any pesticides. Manuka’s unique ingredient MGO (food methylglyoxal) is attractive.
This item contains 1kg of MGO100 +.
The higher the number, the better the manuka honey. It has excellent antibacterial properties and is highly evaluated for improving immunity.



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